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3.5 : 1.5
colours :Knight White on odd boards
match report :


The season commenced with the fixture that the first team did not want. At anytime. That is to start against the B team, who all lined up for a spot of giant slaying, especially with everyone so rusty. To be honest, the Bishops are tricky at the best of time and were the Knight’s main competition last season. Despite the large disparity in grading, this was heavy going.

Usually in a write up, I would say something like ‘first blood was to…’. However, that would be rather unfair as all the games lasted a considerable amount of time. In summary, Dave T in a tight position, prevailed against Brynn. Dave, struggled to make headway against Stuart with a draw resulting. A Mordred Vs Arther battle was occurring on board 5 as the Sharpe’s drew a father son battle, with Craig confirming his 130 status from last season.

Steve obtained a good and massively double edged position against a superb Rob, before blundering and hanging on for a draw, whilst John pushed Greg to almost full time control before obtaining a win.

So the Knights pulled through (just) yet again vs the Bishops. At least it was not as closed as last year.

Brighouse A next in the Calderdale league. Best wishes to all playing.

13-09-2017 Greg Eagleton  (0.0) 1.0: 0.0 John Lavan  (0.0)
13-09-2017 Dave Keddie  (0.0) 0.5: 0.5 Stuart Oliver  (0.0)
13-09-2017 Steve Westmoreland  (0.0) 0.5: 0.5 Robert Sutcliffe  (0.0)
13-09-2017 Dave Tooley  (0.0) 1.0: 0.0 Bryn Charlesworth  (0.0)
13-09-2017 Kyle Sharpe  (0.0) 0.5: 0.5 Craig Sharpe  (0.0)