Club Championship

Round 4 of the Club Championship has been drawn.  The official date for your games to be played remains the 7th.  However can I urge you to agree with your opponent to play tomorrow if possible.  We don't have the club room on the 14th and if players want to agree then the 28th is the latest they can be played

Click here to see the draw..

Yorkshire League

Huddersfields first match of the season ended in defeat away to Rose Foregrove 3-5. Richard Boylan (captain), and Gary Hinchcliffe both won with draws from David Firth & Dave Keddie.

Calderdale League

4 games in with victories against Brighouse, Halifax B, Hebden Bridge (an outstanding 1-4 away win) and Halifax A (0-5 away win). Write ups in the Calderdale League sections.

Huddersfield League

Closely fought victory for the Knights against the Bishops. The Knights were to fall against David Browns, with a consolation win from the Captain and a draw from Dave Tooley. The Bishops drew against Wakefield, making the league VERY interesting. Congratulations to Craig Sharpe and Rob Sutcliffe on excellent victories.