We had a successful 2019 congress with 99 entries and will be holding another next year on the same Spring Bank holiday weekend.

Click here for the congress report


Our Junior Club welcomes all ages and all playing abilities.

Venue - Huddersfield Ukrainian Club

Time - Friday 6:30 - 8:00pm during school term times

Start date for this year 7th September 2019.


Huddersfield Chess April/May Newsletter

And so… the end is near…

Twilight time for the chess league and what has been an incredibly busy season. So how have we done?


Huddersfield Watkinson’s League

·         The Knights took the league, with the Bishops finishing in 3rd.

Huddersfield Examiner League

·         Calderdale marginally won the league, with the Rooks finishing in 3rd.

Team KO

·         Holmfirth Farmers beat the Dragons in the final, to win the Cup. Sorry guys ?

IM Browns (Saturday)

·         We are promoted to the Woodhouse Cup finishing 2nd in the IM Brown. 

Calderdale League division 1

·         Hebden Bridge B overpowered everyone

·         Huddersfield A struggled this year, finishing 5th

·         Huddersfield B were sadly relegated after a sub par performance from the A team, sealed their fate.

·         Huddersfield C finished 4th in Division 2 with Halifax B and Brighouse promoted.

The Club Championship is to continue in the lead to the AGM, now the mass of games are complete.


Summer games anyone?

In an effort to get more of the Holmfirth Team graded and up and running, Holmfirth are looking to arrange matches with various clubs. There are 2 games in May against Huddersfield and further dates are to be arranged with David Browns and Wakefield. This should see most of the 1st team graded by September.


Summer events

Brendan is arranging events throughout the summer, including a doubles night next Wednesday. Come along, it promises to be fun. We are also going to look at training sessions. I promise not to do ‘how to lose really badly with the KID’.


The Huddersfield Congress


Please join this event. It is one of the highlights of the calendar and you do not have to play all the rounds. This will be held Friday 24th May – 26th May at the Ukrainian Club.



We finally have some modern digital clocks that will do increments (and all sorts of other settings). At some point during the summer, I will come and set these up for the evening leagues and, more importantly, leave instructions on how to do this.  For now, just switch on and use one of the pre-selected options displayed on the back.



The AGM is set for the 3rd July. There are going to be some changes with a new Club Secretary coming in and movement in Captaincies. It is also likely the Calderdale League will restructure, meaning we need to re-arrange teams somewhat.



Due to the large number of defaults, resistance to ECF rules and fading teams, the league have put forward a number of proposals for the future structure. A suggestion is to copy the Huddersfield League and form a scratch and a handicap league. This is what we are supporting.

Other options include leaving as is and going off an average grading system. 

The Committee would look to keep 2 teams in the scratch and also enter into the handicap. This would allow selection from Huddersfield, David Browns and Holmfirth players, avoiding this season’s nightmare scenario of having to put out 3 teams at once, where lots of us are cup tied.  



The club is fully equipped, up and running. Membership stands at 9 and the Club is now exploring a children’s club. At present, they will enter 1 team into the Watkinson’s, 1 in the Examiner and 1 into the KO.

Both myself and Andrew are doing another recruitment drive. If we can get another 3 players, we will look at an additional team in the Examiner.

All Holmfirth players will be available for selection for Huddersfield A, B & handicap teams in the Calderdale League. A number are willing to travel. Please note the majority are new players (or used to play a long time back) and we are not just recycling current players.

This is probably the biggest thing we have done in recent years and is an important step in reviving the Huddersfield League. If we can do this elsewhere, it would be fantastic.

Club Championship

Round 1 of this years Club Championship has been drawn for Wednesday 12th December. The draw is published on Chess-results.com.

Yorkshire League

The Yorkshire League results can be found on the ECF LMS site.

Calderdale League

With a growing Club membership, Huddersfield have entered a 3rd team into the Calderdale League for this season.

Huddersfield League