The Huddersfield AGM is scheduled for Friday 29th July at the Lindley Liberal Club.

It's our first since 2019 so a bit to catch up on and changes are expected due to our current secretary being unable to continue. Likewise with the HCDA which will be acheduled very soon.

Now that Covid restrictions have eased, the Huddersfield Congress is looking to return in the near future.



Due to Covid restrictions, our Junior Club had to be suspended but we are now welcoming juniors of all ages and all playing abilities.

Venue - Lindley Liberal Club

Time - Friday 7:00 - 8:00pm



Now that Covid restrictions have finally ended the Huddersfield Chess Club is meeting again but we've moved our Club night to a Friday to accomdate the junior club. Venue is still the Lindley Liberal Club and we meet from 7:00pm.

This website is also now under reconstruction so watch this space as we start to get back into the swing of things!

Holmfirth Chess Club is thriving thanks to the efforts from our Treasurer, Steve Westmoreland. They meet on a Wednesday and also have a good junior club.

Sadly, we lost one of our top players in Dave Keddie earlier in 2022 due to cancer. He'll be sadly missed. Our website will have a dedicated page to remember our past members.


Reigning champions
David Keddie 
Alisdair McFadden


Huddersfield Club Championship is a 6 round tournament paired on a 'Swiss' system.  All games are played on club nights (Wednesday's) starting at 19:30.

The dates for each round will be set once the local league fixtures are out. 


All players should be fully paid up members of Huddersfield Chess Club

All matches are expected to be played on the night designated for that round, unless the player makes reasonable attempts to rearrange the fixture.  If games are rearranged they must be played at least 7 days before the next round. 

The draw will be made for each round at least 7 days before the round is due, and will be posted on the club website. 

Byes: players may ask for a half point bye in advance of the draw being made, for all but the last round. 

Unplayed games will result in the tournament committee awarding points in the tournament as they feel appropriate given information received on why the game was not played.


Confirmed Entries for 2017 Championship


Club Championship players

Matthew Parsons   188

Greg Eagleton   186

David Keddie   176

Leo Keeley   171

Alaisdair McFadden   161


Silver King players

Steve Westmorland 153

Tony Agguirre   151

David Tooley   150

Nigel Hepworth   141

Stuart Oliver   140e

Mehool Shah   126


WE Atkins Trophy players

Kyle Sharpe   118

David Tyfa   112

Craig Sharpe   111

Robert Sutcliffe   111

Bryn Charlesworth   110

Brendan Briggs 108

Mark Rojinsky   99

Peter Czerwinski   93



Any ommissions or corrections please contact David Tooley.



All players are eligeable to win the Club Championship, but players listed as Silver king or WE Atkins players are also eligeable to compete for those trophies.


All players must play their games on the appointed date or make all reasonable attempts to rearrange their game. 


First game to be played Wednesday 4th October.  


Fixtures to appear here very shortly.