Junior Chess Club meet at the Huddersfield Ukrainian Club on Fridays from 6:30 - 8:00pm during school term times,


The closed season is approaching the end, with the season ready to commence again in September. Hope we are having a good summer?
As for myself, I have just got back, suntanned and mosquito bitten, from Mallorca with the family; after trips to Lithuania, a failed attempt to Poland and numerous trips to London with work. Chess has not occurred bar some reading on End games and of course my favourite French Defence. 
I would thoroughly recommend Jesus de la Villa’s 100 Endgames You Must Know for all members.
Typically, the Calderdale League is organised, with the expected news that Todmorden / The Golden Lion is to combined with Hebden Bridge, who will now put out A – D teams. Should the full complement of Todmorden players transfers, then we will need all our top players to play to compete. Our new A Captain Nick Sykes, should enjoy that fixture…
Best wishes to Alec and Nick as the battle commences for 2018/19.
For any of you wanting to participate in the Calderdale Individual Championship, please contact Dave Patrick, who is CC’d on this email. 
Finally, AND REALLY IMPORTANT, team members will need ECF Membership. 
New members can join via this link: Guide to joining the ECF – English Chess Federation   
If you have previous membership, you can join: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/guide-to-renewing-your-ecf-membership/  
At minimum Bronze membership (£5 junior and £16 adult) is needed for Club and League rated games. This also ensure that Yorkshire joins back with England and the development of the national games. The price is not steep for 12 month and it supports junior and women’s development in chess. 
Details for Liberal and Chess Club fees will follow.


Club Championship

Round 4 of the Club Championship has been drawn.  The official date for your games to be played remains the 7th.  However can I urge you to agree with your opponent to play tomorrow if possible.  We don't have the club room on the 14th and if players want to agree then the 28th is the latest they can be played

Click here to see the draw..

Yorkshire League

Huddersfields first match of the season ended in defeat away to Rose Foregrove 3-5. Richard Boylan (captain), and Gary Hinchcliffe both won with draws from David Firth & Dave Keddie.

Calderdale League

Victories against Brighouse, Halifax B, Hebden Bridge (an outstanding 1-4 away win) and Halifax A (0-5 away win). Losses to Todmorden and various cancelled matches due to illness and snow. Write ups in the Calderdale League sections.

Huddersfield League

The Knights are close to winning the league and require a win in the remaining 2 games. The Bishops are 2nd place, with the tension rising... 


Reigning champions
David Keddie 
Alisdair McFadden


Huddersfield Club Championship is a 6 round tournament paired on a 'Swiss' system.  All games are played on club nights (Wednesday's) starting at 19:30.

The dates for each round will be set once the local league fixtures are out. 


All players should be fully paid up members of Huddersfield Chess Club

All matches are expected to be played on the night designated for that round, unless the player makes reasonable attempts to rearrange the fixture.  If games are rearranged they must be played at least 7 days before the next round. 

The draw will be made for each round at least 7 days before the round is due, and will be posted on the club website. 

Byes: players may ask for a half point bye in advance of the draw being made, for all but the last round. 

Unplayed games will result in the tournament committee awarding points in the tournament as they feel appropriate given information received on why the game was not played.


Confirmed Entries for 2017 Championship


Club Championship players

Matthew Parsons   188

Greg Eagleton   186

David Keddie   176

Leo Keeley   171

Alaisdair McFadden   161


Silver King players

Steve Westmorland 153

Tony Agguirre   151

David Tooley   150

Nigel Hepworth   141

Stuart Oliver   140e

Mehool Shah   126


WE Atkins Trophy players

Kyle Sharpe   118

David Tyfa   112

Craig Sharpe   111

Robert Sutcliffe   111

Bryn Charlesworth   110

Brendan Briggs 108

Mark Rojinsky   99

Peter Czerwinski   93



Any ommissions or corrections please contact David Tooley.



All players are eligeable to win the Club Championship, but players listed as Silver king or WE Atkins players are also eligeable to compete for those trophies.


All players must play their games on the appointed date or make all reasonable attempts to rearrange their game. 


First game to be played Wednesday 4th October.  


Fixtures to appear here very shortly.